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FN 5.7x28 (SS195LF) 500 rounds

Part Number 163-2-2-2
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FN 5.7x28 (SS195LF)
500 rounds

What's for sale in this auction?

This auction is for 500 rounds of new FN 5.7x28 SS195LF ammunition with 27gr. Lead-Free Hollow-point bullets. There are ten (10) boxes with 50 rounds per box.


SS195LF Sporting Round

The SS195LF (LF denotes lead-free) cartridge features a lead-free primer, and lead-free bullet.  It features a .224 inch (5.7 mm, same diameter as .223 Remington) 27-grain (1.77 g) copper-jacketed, aluminum-core bullet.  The SS195LF cartridge may be identified by the unmarked, hollow void at the tip and the silver-colored lead-free primer. SS195LF is one of only two types of ammunition currently available to civilians.


Bullet Type:                     JHP Lead-Free

Length:                            40.5mm (1.6 in)

Weight of Round:           6.15 g (95 gr.)

Weight of Projectile:      1.8 g (27 gr.)

Muzzle Velocity:            P90 (2132 fps) - Five-seveN (1890 fps)

Muzzle Energy:               P90 (282 ft-lbs) Five-seveN (222 ft-lbs)


All information is taken directly from the Wikipedia's website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_5.7

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We have a few Terms that are required for you to follow if you wish to bid on this item. When you bid, you have accepted ALL of the terms and conditions as a binding contract under Texas law.
1) - IS THIS FIREARM/AMMUNITION LEGAL FOR YOU TO OWN? All local, state, and federal laws must be followed. We are Federally Licensed as a Firearm dealer. The responsibility is yours to know whether your local laws permit you to even bid on this item. In all states the buyer must be 21 years old to purchase a handgun, and 18 years old to purchase a long gun. You must also be able to legally possess a firearm.
2) - WHAT IS THE WARRANTY? All NEW firearms/ammunition have full factory warranty. We do not inspect firearms/ammunition that are FACTORY NEW in the BOX. You should have a gunsmith inspect all guns along with their accessories before you use them. We can not be held liable, nor responsible for any damage incurred to people or property.
3) - WHAT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO SHIP THE FIREARM/AMMUNITION? A FFL (Federal Firearm License) certificate from a dealer in your state of residence must be received prior to shipping a firearm. A legible fax/email is acceptable. (Please have the Auction #, buyer's name, and item (firearm) identified with the FFL certificate.) When you mail your payment, we need the buyer's name, home address, and home or cell phone number for our records.* FFL is not required when purchasing ammunition, but we will need a copy of a valid State issued photo ID.
4) - WHAT IS THE PAYMENT PROCEDURE? The payment and FFL certificate must be received within 7 calendar days from the close of the auction. (There will not be any exceptions.) WE ONLY ACCEPT USPS (United State Postal Service) MONEY ORDERS. There will be no charge for sales tax, unless you reside in Texas. If you are a Texas resident, add 8.25% for sales tax. We only sell to US residents. The shipping fee is $30 for the lower 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii are extra. We ship USPS Priority (with signature confirmation), and if you want to add insurance or use other shippers there will be an extra fee. If you cannot be prompt with your payment or FFL, please do not waste our time. We will not waste yours. Once your payment and legal FFL are received, we will ship your item within 2 business days. By bidding you have agreed that if they are not both received within the 7 day period, the item will be re-listed and negative feedback will be posted to your name.
5) - CAN YOU ASK QUESTIONS? We take a "NO NONSENSE" approach in our auctions. Please do not bid unless you are serious. If you have a question, please ask BEFORE placing your bid.
6) - IS THE PICTURE SHOWN THE ACTUAL ITEM BEING AUCTIONED? The pictures may or may not be the actual item for sell. If the reserve has been met we will not end an auction early. If the reserve has not been met, we reserve the right to end it at anytime. There is always the possibility that we may sell it locally.
**NOTE: Due to the new law that took effect July 1, 2008 in California (CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 12072(f)(1)), we no longer sell to residents of California. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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